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We thought that we would keep you amused with somethings you may or may not know about the Lake district. 

There is always lots to do, see and hear about in the Lake District and plenty of sightseeing!

And we invite you to consider..... Is it History or a Mystery....

So yes there is lots of Legends and Myths along the way.

However the sightseeing tour has the wonderful Lake District as its stage.

Around every corner, over every hill, along every lake you will find amazing views.

Here are the best 8 places to take a pic or a selfie along our tour on the Lake District.

Ok, so you are in Keswick or somewhere in the Lake District. Maybe you are looking for adventures, great views and a mystery or two!

Well one of the best 360 degree views in Britain is at Castlerigg Stone Circle..... So you are in luck.

Not only that but it also has its own mystery.


From the earliest ages, right up to modern times, people have come here to the Lake District for its resources!

The earliest settlers came for its rock, to make into axes and other Stone Age tools. These were known as the Tribe of the Cumbri which is where the area gets its name from.  Also,  it was these early people who built in stone at the 100+ pre-history sites including  at Castlerigg and Kirkstone.