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We board back onto the bus on our sightseeing tour of the Lake District and we head off around Penrith and onto King Arthur's Round Table!

It is from here that we walk a short distance to the Round Table.

You will hear of King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lancelot and The Green Knight and why these places have so many connections with them!

Dalmain is just a short distance away and is the next stop on the tour of the Lake District.

Today, there is a magnificent stately home and wonderful estate to walk around. However Dale main means "Valley OF The Strong" and as we wind our way along the river, you can begin to uncover how the Romans used the rivers and built canals all along here to support their massive mining operations. Hear all about the Roman's, why they came here. What happened towards the end of their occupation and afterwards as the Dark Ages rolled in and new heroes and heroines were born.

The next stop as  we move along the sightseeing tour of the Lake District, is towards the stunning and historic village of Dacre.

We hang a right and cross over the A66. Just at the top of the hill you get the most amazing view of the Eastern and Far Eastern fells, with Ullswater snaking majestically in between them!

As we drop down to the small and lovely village of Dacre, you can began to imagine that you are in the lost Roman city of Ullswater! Possibly even the lost City Of The Legions!

So we have travelled a few miles from Keswick, stopped off at the epic Castlerigg Stone Circle and marvelled at the awesome Blencathra!

Here to the right, you will see Carrock Fell. Possibly where the ancient hill fort of the Brigantes once stood!

The Brigantes tribe occupied this area and Yorkshire in the pre Roman period.

It was maybe here that Queen Cartimandua betrayed the high king of the Britons, Caratacus, to the Romans! In doing so, the Romans finally got control of these lands.