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First is the view from Ashness Bridge and then this one from Surprise View! Both are awesome, whatever the weather.

From here you can see Bassenthwaite Lake! The only Lake in the Lake District, as the rest are Waters, Meres, Tarns etc.......

This could be the home of the Lady In The Lake from the King Arthur legend! And also Mire house is where Tennyson penned his story of King Arthur!

But the most surprising thing at surprise view, is that if you were here in the future, you would see the Millennium Falcon and X Wing Fighters flying past.

Because this is the planet of Takonda in the Star Wars film, The Force Awakens!

You can sit and take in the view and also see how the Star Wars people filmed the back slides for some of the movie here via Youtube :-) 

It is rightfully the end of our tour, because it is a wonderful view and you can take your time here and really connect with the landscape!

Check out our Youtube Clip of the view here> Surprise View

We also have summertime options of Langdale and Buttermere. So please, if you want to go somewhere we haven't mentioned! Pick up the phone and we are usually delighted to help!

So come and see the landscapes, the best views, on the trail of the Lake District legends, On the best sightseeing tour of the Lake District.