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What is Bownessie? Well we are not sure, some say she is a relative of the Loch Ness monster. Thomas Noblet the owner of a nearby hotel, has said on tv that she swam past him once, brushing up against him and creating a 3 foot wave!

There is also a famous photo taken by Linden Adams on Gummers Howe in 2009 shown below:

When you join us maybe it will be you who discovers the mystery around Bownessie and maybe you will get the next famous photo! Let's hope so.

As we drive through Ambleside, you will discover what the legendary author Charles Dickens thought about this town.

Before having your picture taken next to the most photographed house in the world, the world famous, Bridge House in Ambelside. (Some say joint most photographed alongside the White House)

After a comfort break and maybe a coffee or tea and a cake. We move onto the next location, with its most famous poet, William Wordsworth!