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Well it's that time of year again! The mountain passes are back open, the sun is shining and we are able to once again go to some of the more remote locations along the tour!

Buttermere is now added to the tour and you will not be disappointed!

With the exciting and scenic drive up over Honister. You can see Wordsworths Fraternal Four Yew Tree's that some say are at least a 1000 years old!

I'm often asked why I ware trail running shoes as my "go to" Lake District footwear for the fells, even when I'm not running!

For me, outside of winter conditions, the pro's of wearing trail running shoes far outweigh the cons.

Comfortable, quick drying and lightweight are clear benefits. Although no/low ankle support may work against you, depending on the ground!

I suppose it's all about personal choices but for me a good trail running shoe, is all you need to walk or run around the Lake District.

We have found an interesting blog that helps you decided between the pro's and cons of each trail running shoe:

Best Trail Running Shoes

Happy running and wondering's :-) My personal favourite is the Salomon Speed Cross





The final stop on the sightseeing tour of the Lake District, is one of the best views at Surprise View!

Not only is it an adventure as we climb the mountain pass in the minibus, but you get two epic view for the price of one!

Well the picture says a thousand words doesn't it! Borrowdale, is the next stop on the sightseeing tour of the Lake District!

You could spend a whole day just around here. Adventure and discovery is around every rock and turn!

Discover the place where Graphite for pencils were mined! Uncover lost Roman forts and even a harbour!